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St. Isaac's Cathedral

In 1930s there's been a rumor that Americans got so impressed with the beauty of St.Isaac's Cathedral that they wanted to buy it from the Soviet government. They even made a proposition!

Legend has it that the cathedral was to be divided into parts and sent to the States by sea? Then the Americans wanted to put the parts together again on their land. In their turn they wanted to asphalt all the pavements in St.Petersburg
The Cathedral is where it belongs though, so the deal was obviously cancelled.
But still, this interesting story may not be just a legend.

The rumor started due to the weak state of Russian economy at the time. All the cultural treasures of Russia were being sold to overseas.The people experienced starvation and fear. All of this ended up in the news about selling St.Isaac's.

But clearly everything ended positively and today you can visit and enjoy this masterpiece of art and architecture.

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