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St. Petersburg , Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world. There are many cities - from the world famous ones to the smallest cities of the size of a village in the depths of the Russian map. Russia is a very famous destination among travelers from all over the world. It can be explained by the variety of things Russia offers to see. And also, it is so easy to get to the country!

There are bus tours, planes and ships from so many parts of the world which lead to Russia. And each of four seasons are so different and at the same time beautiful that it is difficult, if not impossible to say which time of the year is the best for visiting the country.

Some people choose winter to see the traditional Russia covered in snow from the stories and fairytales, others want to see the fall with the variety of colors of the nature and the fading scent of the summer warmth.

There are tourists who wish to enjoy the very beginning of spring, when the sun is still shy and modest and the trees are just beginning to grow new, tender leaves. And the last but not least - those who enjoy the sunshine and the opportunity to wear short sleeves, people who enjoy their Russian vacation in summertime.

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