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Private tours in St.Petersburg

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Private tours in St.Petersburg, Russia St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. It is situated on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland. The city was founded by Peter the Great in the year 1703.
Formerly the city was also known as Petrograd and Leningrad. The city itself is very modern and European. OpenYourSpb is a team of young and keen enthusiasts who would be happy to help you explore the city. Russia is the biggest country in the world. There are many cities- from the world famous ones to the smallest cities of the size of a village in the depths of the Russian map. Russia is a very famous destination among travelers from all over the world. It can be explained by the variety of things Russia offers to see. And also, it is so easy to get to the country! There are bus tours, planes and ships from so many parts of the world which lead to Russia. And each of four seasons are so different and at the same time beautiful that it is difficult, if not impossible to say which time of the year is the best for visiting the country. Some people choose winter do you see the traditional Russia covered in snow from the stories and fairytales, others want to see the fall with the variety of colors of the nature and the fading scent of the summer warmth. There are tourists who wish to enjoy the very beginning of spring, when the sun is still shy and modest and the trees are just beginning to grow new, tender leaves. And the last but not least - those who enjoy the sunshine and the opportunity to wear short sleeves, people who enjoy their Russian vacation in summertime. St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. It is situated on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland. The city was founded by Peter the Great in the year 1703. Formerly the city was also known as Petrograd and Leningrad. The city itself is very modern and European.OpenYourSpb is a team of young and keen enthusiasts who would be happy to help you explore the city. And not just explore it but get the best experience in getting acquainted with the place we are speaking of today. Russia has a very rich historical background. The country is famous for its variety of cultures, in such aspects as art, cuisine, customs and traditions. Being the biggest country in the world, Russia manages to be multicultural and different. St.Petersburg is a fabulous place. The architecture and surroundings cannot leave any visitor unimpressed. St. Petersburg of today does not offer a lot of opportunities of private tours. We think that this is a great disappointment. OpenYourSpb team consists of young people who are very enthusiastic about the city they live in and dearly love. We decided to offer a variety of private tours in St. Petersburg, wisely choosing our guides to share our respect and love for the city. Either you prefer to travel alone or with your friends, family and loved ones, we can find and offer different options for you unforgettable vacation. Day tours can be a great chance to meet the city and enjoy all of its sights and memorable places. St. Petersburg, the first capital of Russia, is famous for its authentic atmosphere and history being breathed out from every single wall of any building you can see. Our tours guarantee the experience you will save as the dearest memory. We are very fond of traveling ourselves and we have enough experience in this area to calculate what is best in terms of tours and visiting new places. We traveled by ourselves, we traveled in tour groups, we traveled with private guides, which, as we managed to figure out, is the perfect way to explore new areas and have fun at the same time. We are very careful and attentive to all the aspects of our private tours, even to the smallest details. We guarantee that you will not be unhappy or disappointed - we wisely choose everything - routes, sights, museums, parks, shops, restaurants, vehicles and anything else one can think of. Our private tour guides' main mission is to become your best friend for the time of your stay. We always try to grow and evolve and get better by collecting feedbacks from our customers. We appreciate our colleague guides and try to keep them interested and happy by corporate gatherings and bonuses. We love working as a big family, which we think is not of the least importance. We oppose old boring systems of typical group tours in our city and we try to develop a whole new system of private tours in St. Perersburg. Private tours are intimate and educative and at the same time not boring and tiring as the tours everyone is used to. We love to think of ourselves as of groundbreakers. Choosing OpenYourSpb remember - we are here for you and we would be happy to make you love the city we love ourselves. Group tours in St. Petersburg of today are in great demand and the waiting lists may sometimes be of several months. However, our company's policy allows a sign up of the shortest notice. Our city has been a very popular tourist destination for several years now. But as years go by more and more modern sights which may seem interesting and educational appear. In the year 2017 there is going to be a grand opening of a new football stadium on one of the islands St. Petersburg is situated on. St. Petersburg is also no one is a city of art lovers and admirers. Not only is there a big number of traditional art lovers but every year there are more and more new fans of modern art. Young people open their own galleries of modern art, read lectures about it and even perform in the streets of the city. People of St. Petersburg are very European and they are always curious about new things. People open their own street food spots and bars, some are becoming independent clothing designers, others play music or draw in the open spaces. They all form this very special community we love and admire. They represent the city from its best sides. Many world famous people visited Russia and, in particular, the city of Saint Petersburg. Actors, politicians, musicians - all of them loved the charming romantic atmosphere of the city. Many famous singers and bands have been saying that concert tours in Russia are the best and have been posting pictures with them posing in front of the city's most known sights. Lots of Hollywood producers chose St. Petersburg for their new shows or movies, so strong the impression of the city on them was. It is absolutely impossible to express even the smallest part of greatness and beauty of St. Petersburg through the text or through the pictures. St. Petersburg is one of the places that has got to be visited personally. We offer you a great chance to see the city privately, to become friends with it and to return home with a whole lot of dear and pleasant memories and thoughts. Every positive review we get makes us very happy. And if throughout reading we find something we may improve, we do it. OpenYourSpb staff consists of keen perfectionist and we are proud of it!We hope we managed to convince you to visit St. Petersburg. We would be really happy and honored if you chose our St. Petersburg private tours. We are really excited that we managed to turn our great passion and hobby into a great opportunity for us to become the best St. Petersburg company of private tours and for you to have the time of your life and the vacation that would be remembered for years.
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